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With 36 years of experience, Evergreen Tours hand crafts travel itineraries that deliver the right balance of must-see attractions, cultural interaction and culinary delights so you will discover both the iconic sights as well as the best kept local secrets. Our tours are comprehensive but you will also appreciate the freedom for personal discoveries in your own time.

Experience the romance and adventure of Europe’s waterways!
Discover Europe's fairytale castles and breathtaking landscapes, explore grand cities and soak up the rich history and culture.

While our itineraries are comprehensive, you will also appreciate the freedom for personal discoveries of Europe in your own time. Indulge in the sophistication and elegance of the cruisers' innovative designs. While on board relax in the swimming pool and enjoy enchanting and unimpeded views of the spectacular rivers and countryside. Amazingly, this whole space converts into an evening cinema for your viewing pleasure.

Our 'Star Ships' are at the forefront of design with spacious Owner's One Bedroom Suites, full balcony suites and innovative drop-down balcony windows.

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